Brightree Login

Brightree supplies online software applications for various types of health care providers. You might need to access their website if you work in a pharmacy, home medical service company or hospice facility. When you have difficulty logging into, there are a number of potential solutions. The first step is to make sure that you’re using a compatible Web browser.

Software Issues

  1. Check your browser’s name and version. Brightree’s login page is only designed to support certain browsing applications. Although it was compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 in the past, the company no longer recommends using these browsers. It encourages clients to download IE 8, 9 or 10 from the Microsoft website. If you’re using an older Windows version, this software might refuse to install. You may be able to upgrade to a newer Windows edition or experiment with other browsers until you find one that works.
  2. ┬áIf you’re using a recent version of Internet Explorer, it might be set to the wrong document mode. Brightree urges users to set this mode to the most recent version or “standards.” You can change the mode after pressing F12 to access “tools.” This will affect the way Internet Explorer displays Web pages.
  3. If you have activated compatibility mode or turned cookies off, return these settings to their defaults. Interactive features on may not work properly without cookies. The website’s updated design doesn’t require compatibility mode under IE 8 or higher. You can temporarily deactivate this mode by clicking an address bar button labeled “compatibility view.” To permanently disable it, change the “compatibility view settings” under “tools.” The right setting varies depending on a specific website’s design.
  4. People often solve website login problems by clearing browser history records, cached data and/or cookies. The steps to complete this task vary depending on your browser and its version number. You might accomplish it by clicking the appropriate buttons in “Internet options” under “tools” or selecting “delete private data” under “settings.” It’s best to leave before you do this. Close the browser, reopen it and navigate to the login page to try again.

Wrong Login Information

Make sure you’re typing the right username and password. Enter each letter in the correct case, and verify that “caps lock” is turned off on the keyboard. Some letters may appear the same on your screen, such as a lowercase “l” and an uppercase “I.” Brightree doesn’t provide a forgotten password recovery tool, so you’ll need to contact them for assistance if you lose or forget your login details.

If you’re certain that you have the right password, browser and settings, your login problems could be caused by temporary technical problems at There’s also a slight possibility that a computer virus is interfering with your Internet activities, especially if the browser redirects to a different website when you try to log in.