Facebook Login

So, you have forgotten your Facebook login or password or are having difficulty logging in?

DO not panic, with a few simple steps you can be right back into your social networking bliss.

The Facebook Login screen is, for most users the very first thing you see when you open the URL. Upon entering your username you are immediately prompted for password. If you have forgotten that password the first thing you will see is a red-hued box indicating the password you entered is incorrect. Please try again (make sure your caps lock is off). This is of course, excellent advice, take a moment to double check that your caps lock is off and try again. After several failed attempts, you may now elect to do one of two things; either select the forgot your password? option under the blue Facebook login icon, or select the red link for Request a new one.

Facebook Login

If you click on Forgot your password option you will be taken to an Fasebook login account identification screen. You have the opportunity to provide three sources of validation for true identification. Enter your email address, phone number or your Facebook username. Alternatively, you can also enter a friend’s name. In this example, let us enter the email address used to create the account. Go ahead and do that now. A security check dialogue box will now appear and verify that you are human and not a hacker or script of some kind. Enter that text and click submit and you should then see a selection of possible email addresses similar to yours.

Place a check mark to which email address is appropriate and click the blue Reset Password option. In a few moments an email will be sent to that account providing a Password Reset Code which you can then use to regain access to Fasebook login. Highlight the reset code once you receive the email and paste it into the Facebook login page, click Submit Code and then you will be asked to provide a new password.

At this point, you are free to enter a new password (one that you can hopefully recall later!) Ensure the two passwords entered match and click change password. Success! Finally you will then see an option to enhance your Facebook login security by providing additional contact email addresses, a mobile phone number or a security question only you will know. Last but not least, click save and continue on!

The process is essentially the same if you forget your password and elect to click on the red request a new one option. You will be given a chance to select the appropriate avenue to contact you and verify your identity. If, for whatever reason, you cannot access the original email address used to create the Facebook login, you will be prompted to enter a new email address to which further instructions can be sent.

The most common Facebook login issues are the result of forgotten or lost passwords, however resetting your password after a failed ‘hack’ attempt is the same. There are numerous helpful videos on youtube with helpful information about how to recover passwords or change them. If the above directions seem a little hard to follow, try the following:

Also, another excellent video to assist in recovering your password using the above method can be found here:

Overall, recovering from Faccebook login difficulty is really easy, with a few short steps, access to your email (or an alternative email account) and some patience will ultimately win the day. So sit back, relax and enjoy this simple guide. Good luck and see you out there!

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