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Gmail Login Basics: Gmail is a free POP3 and IMAP webmail that is offered by Google and is supported by advertising. It was launched as a beta-release invite-only webmail on April 1, 2004 and was later made available to the general public from February 7, 2007.As from November 2010, it had nearly 194 million monthly users from all over the world. Gmail is an intuitive email service and currently offers its users up to 7GB of free space.

How to use the Gmail Login

The Gmail login process is simple. A user has to type in and he will be directed to The Gmail login page will appear and the user will have to type his username and password to access his account.

There are a couple of problems that may make a user unable to access his account. Some of them and their solutions are discussed below:

Incorrect Username or Password

When a user types in an incorrect username or password, he will not be able to access his account.

Solution: If available, fill in the captcha correctly and then type in the correct username. Then, make sure the Caps Lock button is turned off before entering your password. The password is case-sensitive and you have to type every letter in its correct case for you to access the account.

Gmail Login Password Recovery

You cannot log into your Gmail account if you type an incorrect password. If you have forgotten your password, you can opt to recover your account through a set of security features that you will have indicated during the sign up process.

Solution: Use Gmail’s password recovery feature. Click Account Settings and navigate to Password Recovery. Enter the captcha and choose one of the options available. You can answer your security question or choose to send your password to an alternative email you included in your account settings. You can also have the password sent to your mobile phone number if you had enabled this recovery option before.

Certificate Error at Gmail Login

This error is usually displayed when there is a date or time difference on your computer’s operating system, e.g. when your computer’s date and time system is indicating a past year.

Solution: Navigate to your system’s Control Panel and update the system date and time.

Gmail Login – Cookie Problems

The Gmail login screen may display a cookie error message when you try to log in. The message is Your browser’s cookie functionality is turned off. Please turn it on may be displayed when you have disabled your browser’s cookies.

Solution: Navigate to the Tools menu of your browser and turn on the cookies option. Alternatively, try accessing Gmail from a cookie-enabled browser.

Temporary Error (502)

This is usually a temporary error that is automatically resolved after a short time.
Solution: Try refreshing the page. Alternatively, clear the temporary internet files and restart your browser before trying to load Gmail again.

Automated Requests Error

Sometimes, users may get this error: We’re sorry but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. The error may be displayed if you have an issue with your browser or your account has been flagged to be abusing Google sites.

Solution: Try clearing your temporary internet files and restart your browser. If available, fill out the captcha. If this does not resolve the issue, scan your computer with up to date security software to check for any viruses or malicious programs.

Gmail Locked Account

Sometimes, users can find out their accounts have been locked when they try accessing Gmail. This may be due to a number of reasons such as performing automated account logins, sending large quantities of messages that are not delivered among others.

Solution: The account may be locked from 1 minute to 24 hours. Make sure you do not have any software performing automated logins or sending large quantities of email automatically. If Google Gmail login does not function, wait for up to 24 hours before trying to log in again.

Some Gmail Features Fail to Load

After logging in your account, you may get an error indicating that some Gmail features have failed to load. This is usually as a result of some form of network connectivity error.

Solution: Check your network connection and try loading Gmail again. If this does not resolve the error, clear the temporary internet files and try connecting again. Alternatively, you can choose to use the basic HTML Gmail version.

Gmail Login – JavaScript Errors

Another common error is the inability to log in Gmail because JavaScript has been disabled.

Solution: Navigate to the Tools menu of your browser and enable JavaScript. Alternatively, change your browser and log in with one which has JavaScript enabled.

Oops… Errors

Sometimes, the Gmail login screen may take a long time to load and users may get errors such as Oops… the system was unable to perform your operation or a Loading that takes quite some time. This may be caused by a number of server related problems and can be resolved quickly.

Solution: Clear your temporary internet files and restart your browser. Alternatively, instead of using the normal Gmail login page URL, try the secure URL

Gmail login screen errors

Gmail login screen errors can be resolved easily by following the hints given when the errors occur. Usually, most errors can be resolved by clearing the temporary internet files and restarting the browser.

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