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Hotmail Login – Microsoft Networks (MSN) provides Internet users with a myriad of free, easy-to-use online services like Windows Live Hotmail, MSN Messenger, and the latest picture sharing tool Skydrive.

Formerly known as MSN Hotmail, MSN changed the format of its proprietary email service to Windows Live Hotmail in 2005, which corresponded with the release of Windows 7.
Hotmail Login

Hotmail Login Problems

As a result of this recent switch over, a fair number of Hotmail subscribers have experienced a few annoying Hotmail login problems when troubleshooting the updated Windows Live Hotmail login page. So in order to cut through the confusion surrounding the new Hotmail login page layout, here is a quick breakdown of some of the most frequently occurring Hotmail login problems.

Hotmail Login – Connect to the Internet

Some problems with the Hotmail login web page may have nothing at all to do with the MSN Hotmail login web page itself. The problem may be “user side” in other words. The absolute simplest explanation as to why a user is experiencing Hotmail login problems occurs when there is no connection to the Internet suddenly even though the Hotmail login sheet appears on the screen.

This may sound self-explanatory, but it is the first step to take when troubleshooting any web-related problems. The Hotmail login web page is not so different. Sometimes a complete power-cycle reboot of a modem and/or router will correct any temporary Internet connection problems, which may be contributing to the Hotmail login problems. Here is a video on how to reboot the typical router in order to reset an Internet connection in order to reconnect to the Hotmail login sheet.

Hotmail Login Page – Signing In

This Hotmail login problem may sound awfully self-explanatory to an experienced Internet user, but this mistake happens to be one of the most frequently occurring Hotmail login problems. First-time users simply do not follow the instructions properly before they attempt to login.

The signup web page itself (found on the main Hotmail login page) is quite easy and straightforward to fill in and understand. Users should click on the “signup” link on the Windows Live Hotmail login front page and carefully input their personal information into all of the required fields as they are marked on the signup web page.

Some of the information required in order to complete the Windows Live Hotmail login process include a user’s legal name, birth date, zip code, and gender. For extra assistance, here is a short online video that demonstrates how to properly navigate through the MSN Hotmail login page and complete the signup process. You also may read the MSN Sign in Guide.

Retrieving a Forgotten Password

Everyone forgets a password from time to time. This is absolutely the most common of all the different Hotmail login problems. But thankfully, the MSN Hotmail login web page displays a special link (beneath the login fields) for users who attempt to enter the Hotmail login web page but cannot seem to remember the correct MSN Hotmail login web page password.

Users attempting to recover a password from the MSN Hotmail login web page should click on the “forgot your password?” link and follow the subsequent step-by-step instructions in order to reset their account’s password via the Hotmail login page, which is the same as the MSN Hotmail login page and the Windows Live Hotmail login screen. To verify your identity and protect your personal information, users will be prompted to answer the personal security question that was chosen during the initial signup process for any MSN services and also the Hotmail login page. For an additional reference and tutorial, here is a brief video to guide you through the password recovery process from the Hotmail login front page.

Changing Web Browser Settings and Internet Preferences

Suppose that users have taken the appropriate steps above, and they still are experiencing an issue with the MSN Hotmail login page. The next most commonly occurring of all the MSN Hotmail login issues happens when an Internet user’s web browser has been configured inadequately.

Thousands of Windows Live users have reported receiving the error code ‘80048820’ after trying to access the Hotmail login page or the MSN login page via MSN Messenger or another MSN Hotmail login access point. This error is probably the most complicated to fix out of all of the MSN Hotmail login sheet issues discussed in this article.

The error comes as a result of an internal security protocol conflict between an Internet browser’s web security settings and the MSN Hotmail login page. To fix this problem, locate your browser’s advanced Internet properties page.

Depending on the type of browser you are currently using to access the Hotmail login front page, the specific step-by-step instructions will vary from situation to situation. But the most commonly used browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

But the basic idea remains the same for each browser. For a detailed walk through, here is another online video tutorial on how to properly configure your web browser’s advanced Internet properties so that you can successfully login to the Hotmail login page without any further complications.

Hotmail Login – Other Online Troubleshooting Resources

For the most part, a lot of the more common Hotmail login problems require easy-to-follow, step-by-step solutions. Anyone can troubleshoot the MSN Hotmail login page. Sometimes users simply mistype the proper username and password.

Other times, the issue with the Windows Live Hotmail login page is that a users web browser settings have been tampered with, which has made the MSN Hotmail login page and services inaccessible without changing the proper security settings within the web browser’s Internet options.

Hopefully, most Windows Live Hotmail login problems are easily corrected. But every so often, you may still come across other unforeseen issues with the Windows Live Hotmail login page or the MSN Hotmail login page. No web page is perfect all the time. So to give you additional troubleshooting resources search through the following links if you have any further problems in the future signing into the Hotmail login page:

These resources can help you with your hotmail login problems.