Hotmail Sign In

Hotmail is an email service provided for free by Microsoft, the Hotmail sign in page was first launched in 1996 and was not only one of the first web based email providers but also one of the first available without cost. The Hotmail sign in Hotmail‘s web pages initially had the letters H, T, M, and L capitalized to reflect the encoding language the service was written in.

Hotmail Sign In

Hotmail Sign In Page

One year after its initial release, all Hotmail services, including the Hotmail sign in page, were bought by Microsoft. Microsoft changed its name to MSN Hotmail and the Hotmail sign in page soon became the MSN Hotmail sign in portal.

The Hotmail sign in Hotmail‘s entire canon of web pages was changed to MSN Hotmail. In 2007, the MSN Hotmail sign in portal was changed to the Windows Live Hotmail sign in page. The MSN Hotmail sign in Hotmail‘s site was changed to Windows Live Hotmail and the new version was released worldwide to rave reviews.

Hotmail Sign In Problems

Currently, the Windows Live Hotmail Login version offers an unlimited amount of storage. This is a considerable change from the two MB that were initially available in both the first Hotmail sign in version and the MSN Hotmail sign in version that followed it. The existing Windows Live Hotmail sign in security measures have been upgraded drastically from the original Hotmail sign in security measures making them nearly impenetrable.

Although problems were frequent in the initial Hotmail sign in process, in the later MSN Hotmail sign in version and the recent Windows Live Hotmail sign in upgrade the number of problems have been significantly reduced and most have been eliminated entirely. Here are a few problems that remain along with some possible solutions to help make your Hotmail sign in process as painless as possible.

Windows Live Hotmail Sign In Failure

If your computer is experiencing problems additional to a Hotmail sign in failure, you may have contracted a virus or some type of spyware. Although it may be time consuming and a hassle, solving this problem can usually be done by a competent virus or spyware removal program. Having antivirus and anti-spyware software running on your computer at all times is crucial to avoiding this type of problem in the first place.

If you haven’t noticed any other problems except the Hotmail sign in failure, first of all make sure the username and password you are typing into the Hotmail sign in page are both correct and that caps lock is off. Try rebooting both your PC and Internet modem to make sure your access to the Hotmail sign in Hotmail site is not being misinterpreted.

If you have not gone through the Windows Live Hotmail sign in process for more than two months, it is possible your account was deleted and no longer exists. In this case you must sign up for a new account via the Hotmail sign in page.

Hotmail Sign In Error Code 450

This error code is usually due to a user attempting to create multiple Hotmail accounts with the same city, country, and zip code information in a short period of time. To avoid this error, wait until the next day to open a second account with Hotmail. You may also simply change the city, country, and zip code information you are entering and the error will disappear. Here is a video with detailed instructions on fixing this error.

Page Cannot Be Displayed Error

This error usually appears when your computer has difficulty connecting to Hotmail’s server. Try waiting a few minutes then trying again. If the error still appears, clear both your web browser’s history and Internet cache. This can usually be done by accessing the Tools menu in your browser followed by the Options or Internet Options tab. In Internet Explorer, click on the General tab under Internet Options and there will be a Clear History button. The Delete Files button to clear the cache is found under the Temporary Internet Files pane. In Firefox, clear your cache in the Advanced tab of the Options menu and your history by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del.

If clearing your history and cache does not solve this problem, perhaps the error is with the Hotmail sign in page itself. Check the status page of the Windows Live Hotmail sign in services to make sure everything is running properly on their end by using this link:

Match Picture Security Check Error

Sometimes if you’ve entered your password incorrectly a number of times, the Hotmail sign in page will display a match the picture security check. This can bring up another error for you if you have disabled the receipt of cookies on your computer. To fix this error, make sure your web browser is configured to accept cookies and try temporarily disabling any firewalls you may be running. Firewalls sometimes automatically disable cookies so see if the error goes away when your firewall is off. You can turn it back on once you are past the picture match security check.

Hotmail Sign In – Trouble Signing Out

For those of you who get an error when attempting to log out of Hotmail, you may need to delete your cookies. Use the Options tab of your web browser to erase all the cookies on your machine, then try signing out of Hotmail again. The error should be gone. Here is a video explaining this process in detail:

Windows Live Hotmail has an extensive support system which includes a comprehensive online troubleshooting guide. This troubleshooting guide addresses many of the major issues commonly found in Hotmail and how to fix them. It also lists the best ways to contact Customer Support should you not find a way to fix the problem you are encountering. The guide can be found at this link:

Hotmail also has an excellent network of forums where you can post your problem and have experts from around the world reply with possible solutions. These forums can be found here – there you will get  answers for Hotmail Sign In and other topics.