MobileMe Login

MobileMe Login – what you have to know. MobileMe is a conglomeration of online tools and services launched by Apple Inc. and available to users via paid subscription. This idea was first introduced in 2000 when Apple released an Internet service known as iTools, free of charge to Mac users. Two years later, after a huge face lift and many upgrades to the quality and design of the services, Apple renamed iTools to .Mac and made it available now as a paid service.

MobileMe Login

MobileMe Login Services

In 2008, this same service was re-launched as MobileMe with a brand new MobileMe login page. This included increased compatibility options which now included both Windows users and users of Apple’s new mobile hardware such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. Users of the previous version of this service, .Mac, were automatically transferred to the new service and .Mac email accounts were automatically upgraded to MobileMe login mail accounts.

MobileMe Login Basics

Currently available to all subscribers to the new service is a MobileMe login mail address with a suffix. The previous MobileMe login mail accounts with the old suffix have become largely obsolete but some are still in use. MobileMe login mail services aside, users of the new service can also store personal data as well as review and edit it from any computer with an Internet connection.

They have the ability to remotely control their iPhone from the MobileMe login page, including being able to change its password and delete its data. With the Find My iPhone service, users can also approximate the location of their iPhone with only a small margin of error.

The new MobileMe login page also offers a calendar and address book, both of which are automatically synchronized with all the user’s devices when changes are made.

Unfortunately, immediately following the initial launch of the new MobileMe login page many users experienced various delays with the service as well as some ongoing MobileMe login problems. Many of both the delays and the MobileMe login problems were due to a premature release of the software without all the bugs having been ironed out.

Now, even though most of these errors have been fixed, some still persist, popping up every once in a while to plague MobileMe login newbies and aficionados alike. Here are the some of the most common MobileMe login problems and their solutions.

Can’t Perform MobileMe Login from your Device

If MobileMe login problems persist when signing in directly from your mobile device, start by signing out from MobileMe in the System Preferences tab. Now, instead of writing your name and password, just scribble in some random characters and attempt a MobileMe login. Naturally, it will not work. Once the error message appears, try entering your real username and password and logging on again.

If it still does not work, visit the MobileMe login page online and sign in. Once the MobileMe login process is completed, change your password using the Password Settings tab in the sidebar on the left of the screen. Now log out, exit the MobileMe login page, and try once again to perform a MobileMe login directly from your System Preferences tab.

If this fails, attempt to create a new user account on your device and perform a MobileMe login with the new account. If there are no MobileMe login problems with the new account, see if you can sign out and attempt a MobileMe login with your usual username and password. To check if this was successful, test your MobileMe login mail by sending yourself a blank message. If successful, you can delete the new account that you created.

Syncing your Devices Causes MobileMe Login Problems

If there are any errors when syncing your devices via MobileMe, make sure all the items you wish to synchronize have been selected in the Sync window found in the MobileMe login page on your device under System Preferences. Once everything has been selected properly, click the Advanced button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select your computer and click on Reset Sync Data.

Assuming all the data is correct in your online MobileMe—mail, calendar, and address book included—make sure the direction selected will push the data from the MobileMe login to your device and not the other way around, then click on Replace. Confirm this action in the various pop up windows that appear.

When this process is finished you should be able to sync your devices without any issues or problems. Here is a Youtube video explaining the process in detail.

Can’t Perform MobileMe Login from MobileMe Login Page

If the MobileMe login page begins rejecting your password, this could be due to problems with your password or problems with the service itself. After making sure the password you are typing in is correct, try logging in via the old service. This occasionally works if the problem is on Apple’s end, and you can switch back once it is corrected.

If MobileMe login problems persist, try starting with a clean slate. Delete the user account from your device, then add it again and try logging on. Although this causes a bit of a hassle, if it will eliminate the MobileMe login problems that have been dogging you it might be worth it to try.

Can’t Perform MobileMe Login from Mac OS X Tiger

If your MobileMe login repeatedly fails in Tiger, here is a possible solution. Open the Finder dialog, click on the Mac HDD, then type “dotmac” in the search bar. You should see three files containing the plist extension under the Other window. Delete those three files from your device, restart the machine, and then try signing on again. Your device should now sync without MobileMe login problems.

I hope this troubleshooting guide has helped you to solve any MobileMe login problems you may have been facing. Below are some helpful web resources you can access to help address any further issues on mobileMe Login.

If all else fails , feel free to visit Apple’s Support Page at for MobileMe Login.