MSN Sign In

My MSN sign in is available in several ways. First, go to and click on Sign In on the upper right corner of the MSN home page. The next page is the My MSN sign in page that asks for the username and password. Once the information is entered, the customized MSN home page is loaded with the appropriate news, weather and other segments.

msn sign in hotmail

MSN Sign In Hotmail

MSN Sign In Hotmail

The second way is to go to MSN sign in username is also a Windows Live ID that can be used to sign in to Hotmail. After entering the MSN sign in Hotmail username and password, the MSN or Hotmail email home page opens instead of the MSN home page. Going through or the MSN homepage and clicking on Hotmail also does the same thing.

MSN Sign In Options

These MSN sign in options are available to users of both free and premium MSN subscribers. For paid MSN accounts, another sign in option is via the MSN browser. To download the browser, go to and log in using the My MSN sign in username and password.

Then, click on the Download the latest MSN Software. It is found on the right-hand side of the MSN Member Center home page. Once the software has been downloaded, the first window will ask for the MSN sign in username and password. The page that opens is the MSN home page. Across the top of the screen are menus to switch to email and other features of the MSN browser.

Signing in to MSN or hotmail is easy for both free and paid subscribers. However, sometimes users encounter problems with MSN sign in. The following are common MSN sign in problems and solutions:

MSN Sign In – Username or Password Is Not Accepted

The most common cause of this issue is user error or simply user forgetfulness. Try re-entering the username and password slowly. Typographical errors are inevitable when in a hurry. Check that the Caps Lock is not on. Most usernames are not case sensitive, but some are. All passwords are case sensitive. Try to remember if the username and password combination being entered is correct. Nowadays there are so many usernames and passwords to remember, it is so easy to confuse them.

MSN Sign In – Expired Hotmail Account

MSN or Hotmail accounts expire if not used within 10 days from the registration date, or for 60 consecutive days thereafter. There is no way around this. Register a new account.

MSN Sign In – Service Unavailable

If, after putting in the MSN sign in information you get Service Unavailable that means MSN or Hotmail may be having problems with their server or doing maintenance work. This can happen from time to time. Try logging in later.

Cannot Get Past the Box With Distorted Characters

Sometimes, the My MSN sign in will also have the security feature asking for distorted characters in a box to be identified. If the correct characters are being entered but the page just keeps refreshing, cookies in the browser may be corrupted or disabled.

Clear the cookies on Internet Explorer by going to Tools, Internet Options and clicking on the Delete Cookies button. To make sure cookies are enabled, go to Tools, Internet Options, click on the Privacy tab and click the Default button.

MSN Sign In – An Error About a Security Certificate Pops Up

Websites like the MSN sign in Hotmail page require security and use web certificates that are only valid for a certain date range. The most common cause of security certificate errors is incorrect computer date and time. Make sure the computer date and time is correct.

MSN Sign In – Subscription Has Expired

MSN browser is only available to paid subscriptions. If the username and password of a free account is used on the MSN sign in page of the MSN browser, an error saying that the subscription has expired appears.

MSN Sign In – Download the Latest Version of Windows Live Messenger

For MSN browser users, this error appears even when the messenger is not used. Files from the Windows Live Messenger software are needed to run the MSN browser. To resolve this, just click the link on the error message for downloading messenger.

MSN sign in Hotmail issues may be caused by underlying issues with the browser or computer being used. Find out if it is a browser issue by going to the My MSN sign in page using another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. Reset the browser currently in use to make sure customized settings are not causing problems. Try logging into the My MSN sign in page on another computer to check if the same issue occurs. If it does, the problem may be with the username and password or the account itself. Contacting MSN support would be the next step. For free accounts, support can be reached via the MSN support page. For paid subscriptions, MSN support is available via phone.

However, if you are able to get past the MSN sign in page on another computer, the problem is on your computer. The issue could be the browser, which you can reset, reinstall or replace with another browser. Or, the problem could be on the operating system, a virus or spyware. Scan your computer for any infection. If you are familiar with system restore, you can use this feature to restore computer settings to a date when it was still letting you sign in to MSN or Hotmail. Your last resort to get after MSN sign in is to contact your computer manufacturer with information on the problem and troubleshooting steps that you have performed. If you have trouble with Google login, try the gmail login guide.

These are some websites that might be helpful in resolving MSN sign in Hotmail issues:
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