Postini Login

There are several problems that may occur while trying a Postini Login – here are the most common issues.

Postini Login through Admin Console – Webpage Unavailable or Cannot Display Webpage

The “Webpage Unavailable or Cannot Display Webpage” Postini Login error typically occurs when there’s a problem with the datacenters, which can prevent some users from accessing the Administration Console. The good news is: It’s not your fault! There’s nothing you can do on your end but cheerfully wait until the service returns.

Please note that although the service may be down temporarily, email will still go through, so don’t worry about not receiving critically important emails. Even if you can’t read them, they’ll be in your inbox when the service returns.
You can check the Postini Support Forums for when the service will be back online, and to see if others are having the same problem. Chances are, you won’t be the only one wondering what’s going on.

Postini Login- “Invalid Request” error message

One of the more frustrating Postini login issues, especially for new users, is the cryptic “Invalid Request” message. If you’re sure that your Google Apps account is correct and your mail is working properly but when you try to access your Postini login you get the “Invalid Request” message, it could be a couple of things.
Firstly, your Apps login and your Postini login information aren’t necessarily the same. Check to see if you used a different password for the two accounts. If you can’t remember, you’ll have to contact either Postini support or Google support to reset your password, which will be sent to you via email.

Secondly, it could be that one (or both) of the services are currently experiencing technical problems. Check on the main sites and on the support forums for Google or Postini to see if other users are having the same problem. If one of the services are down, wait until they’re back up and try again then.

Postini Login- Problems with “Remember Me” setting

The most common way to access your Postini login is through and clicking the login button. Generally, this works without a hitch, but sometimes, it will take you to something that looks like “https://exec/authenticate?action=remember” and you’ll get a Server Not Found error instead of correctly logging you in.

The issue in this case is a cookie, “ remembered” that seems to redirect users to an incorrect page that, for some reason, isn’t recognized. Luckily, there are a couple of steps you can take to eliminiate this problem.
First, try deleting your cache and all of your cookies before you log in. This will eliminate the remembered cookie, but will also delete all of the other cookies you may not want to get rid of. In addition, when you log in again with the “Remember Me” setting on, Postini will recreate the cookie again, reintroducing the same problem.

If you aren’t particularly attached to the “Remember Me” feature in the first place, try clearing your cache (or deleting the single cookie) and turning off the feature before logging in again.
If you’d like to keep the “Remember Me” feature, you could always try replacing the basic “” with the full “” (where you replace YOURDOMAIN with your full domain address). This, of course, is a work-around so if you try logging in again the regular way, you’ll encounter the same problems as before. But this workaround can take the form of a semi-permanent fix if you always remember to replace the url when you access your Postini Login, such as by changing your important bookmarks.