Quest Login

The University of Waterloo uses Quest as a student information system. On Quest, you can review your personal information and the status of your application. Quest also allows you to review your transcript to make sure they have been reported properly. Students use Quest to enroll in needed classes and look over your class schedule.

Financial issues and your student record information is also available on this site. It looks like Quest has been experiencing login problems for a long time now. If you are having problems with Quest log-in, there are several steps you can take to try and solve the problems you are encountering.

In the following you will find a list of steps you can take to solve Quest Login problems.

Quest Login - University of Waterloo

Quest Login


  • Quest is open every day, all day. Sometimes, if you are having a Quest login issue, it may be because the system is down for some reason. If this happens, log out and try again later.
  • You must have a certified browser- In order to be able to use Quest successfully you must have the correct browser installed on your computer.
  • Internet browsers that work with Quest include
    • Internet Explorer 7.0, 80, and 9.0
    • Safari 3.0, 4.0, 5
    • The Release and Extended Support Release versions of Firefox
    • Google Chrome is not compatible with Quest.
    • Before you enable cookies, you probably need to delete cookies and clear cache.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click Tools
  2. Internet Options
  3. Temporary Internet Files
  4. Delete Cookies
  5. Delete Files

1. Select Tools
2. Select Options
3. Select Privacy
4. Select Clear for cookies and cache

You need to configure your web browser to accept cookies with Quest. Websites that you use will store small text files, or cookies, on your computer. These text files allows your computer to remember information and keep track of personalized pages.

In order to enable the cookies, you need to:

Firefox 3.6.24

  1.   Select Tools icon
  2.   Internet Options
  3.   Privacy
  4.   Cookies (check box that allows site to accept cookies)
  5.   OK
  6.   Close out your browser, then open it back up so the new cookie settings can take effect.

Internet Explorer 8.x

  1. Tools
  2. Internet Options
  3. Privacy
  4. Set default setting to medium (slider indicates cookie use)
  5. If custom cookie settings are on, slider will not appear. If this is the case, click Advanced and change your cookie settings.


  1.   Safari
  2.   Preference
  3.   Security
  4.   Accept cookies from sites you navigate
  • Please do not change user preferences in Quest because this action will block Quest’s ability to access enrollment appointments and class schedules.
  • Make sure your username and password are correct. Remember that they are case-sensitive.
  • If you are getting an error message when you attempt to log into WatIAM in regards to the user capabilities, consider the following: You are trying to login from the wrong web address. Sign in at

Connection Expired Error

  1. Make sure that your systems date, time and time zone are correct.
  2. Ensure that cookies you enable cookies on your browser.
  3. Make sure language is set at en-us.

Allowing pop-ups

  1. Tools
  2. Internet Options
  3. Privacy
  4. Settings button by Pop-up blocker
  5. Type * in the Allowed Sites block
  6. Add
  7. Close

Make sure that you have the latest version of the browser you are using installed. If you do not have the latest browser, upgrade your browser.

Quest login can sometimes be difficult. If you are still having problems with login after completing the steps listed in this article, contact the technical department at the university. They are experts at walking students step by step through the process. Most times they can pinpoint your problem and give you good step by step instructions on how to fix it.

There are some good videos on You Tube that can guide you through the Quest login process.

There is nothing so frustrating as being enrolled in an online university and not being able to log in to Quest so that you can access your classes and complete assignments.

Sometimes, the problem will be with website issues, as all websites go down from time to time. If that happens, your instructor should already be aware of it, but it would be a good idea to inform the instructor of the problem through email.