UOP Student Login

UOP Student Login – if you are a student at the University of Phoenix, you have to log in to the campus through an online portal. This guide should assist you in resolving the problem so you can get to class or hit the books.

UOP Student Login – No Username/Password

One of the most common causes of troubles logging in is not having registered properly and not being in the system. To log in to the University of Phoenix, you have to have registered as a student. If you created a username as a part of Online Collection or the Proficiency Assessment Site it can’t be used to get into the central UOP Student Login. Most likely, you will have created your username during the MyApply process.

UOP Student Login – Forgot Password

If you know you are in the UOP system but have forgotten your password, do not enter in too many guesses – this may lock you out of the system. Instead, click on “Forgot Username/password?” on the UOP Student Login screen (it will be underlined in blue). Click on “Password Help” and enter your username into the prompt box. Because your username is your email address, UOP will send you an email with information on how to reset your password.

UOP Student Login – Forgot Username

If you do not know your UOP student login username, you can retrieve that as well. Your username should be your email address, so if you only have one or two email accounts, it’s worth a try to enter each in and see if the system recognizes you. Otherwise, click “Forgot Username/password?” like above, and click “Username Help.” You will have to enter in your Individual Record Number (IRN) which is a five to ten digit identification number that you were given when you registered with UOP. You will also have to answer a security question that you chose when you created the account.

UOP Student Login – Text Boxes/Login Page Do Not Appear

Unless UOP’s website is undergoing maintenance, this is a problem that is likely due to your browser, firewalls, or computer system updates. If the page isn’t working in one browser, try another one, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It is worth a try to temporarily disable firewalls, just remember to reinstate them if that wasn’t that issue. Here is a useful video on disabling firewalls on Window XP:

Keep your computer up to date by agreeing to install updates as they appear.

UOP Student Login – Other Problems

If your problem is outside those listed above or couldn’t be resolved, try calling UOP’s 24-hour technical support line. They should be able to resolve your problem so you can access the materials and information you need.

Hopefully this information allowed you to get past the UOP Student Login page and into class! It’s always wise to write down any new passwords, your security question and answer, and your IRN and keep them in a locked cabinet or drawer.