Windstream Login

Windstream Login

Like most Internet service providers, Windstream Communications offers a variety of services including online email accounts where you can manage your email, but sometimes there are issues with their account services.

As one of the biggest ISPs in the country, Windstream Communications provides data network communications like broadband and VoIP throughout the US. The company offers both business and residential services including phone, high-speed Internet and digital TV. It is one of the top 10 telephone providers in the country, and it’s also partnered with Dish Network, which allows it to offer satellite services to its customers.

The Windstream email login and account information interface is available online, and it allows customers to look at secure email wherever they are while also checking for updates on account information, news, weather and current events.

If you’re having problems logging into your email login, these are a few solutions that may fix the problem.

Windstream Login

Windstream Login

Common Errors with

There are a few issues that Windstream users may encounter when trying to check their email. For one, you may not have set up your email address or it was not set up correctly.

There may also be a outage that refuses to load new emails. Some users also want to use third party settings to set up on Windows Live Mail or smart phone mail applications.

These solutions can help you resolve many issues and even provide video help to make instructions more clear.

How to Set Up First Email Address

If you just signed up for services or have never used a login for your email before, you may not have one set up.

Most Windstream users initially set up their email when they get their modem. Once you sign up for services, you receive five free email accounts. To use Internet services, Windstream has to install a modem or you can choose self-installation.

To install your modem and get to the email setup page, you open up your modem shipment and find the Quick Start guide.

It should help you connect all of the cables to your modem and computer. Windstream has created a series of support YouTube videos that can help you set up your modem and email address.

The following video has helped many users set up their first email account.

1. Open a web browser like Internet Explorer and Windstream will automatically load in the webpage to guide you through the setup process.

2. Click “Accept” on the license agreement terms to continue. Click “Next” to continue and type in your name and phone number. Click “Next.”

3. Pick a username for “” and password to use with your email account. This sets up your first email account for Windstream. Click “Next.” Now you’ll complete the installation process by downloading the “Broadband Checkup Center.” Once it finishes and you’re connected to the Internet, you can start using your email address.

4. Connect to “” and select “My Account” at the top. Type in your email address and password that you used during the installation and click “Login.”

You’ll have access to all of your account information and email interface from this webpage. You can also add new email accounts.

My Windstream Email Address Isn’t Working

If you navigate to and you’re unable to login, you should always check to see if you are using the right password or even protect yourself against someone who may have changed your account information.

To retrieve your password, you can follow these steps.

1. Go to and click “Email” at the top.

2. Click “Trouble Logging In?” This takes you to another webpage that asks for your email address and password. Click “I forgot my password!” underneath.

3. Enter the email address associated with your account and click “OK.” Instructions will be sent to this email address on how to retrieve your password. If you still can’t log in, you can call the Broadband Customer Care Center at 1-888-292-3827.

Setting Up Windows Live Mail Account and Other Issues

Many ISPs recommend that you set up a third party email program like Windows Live Mail to check your email. There are specific settings that you need to use to set up your account correctly. Here’s how to set up Windows Live Mail, but you can also use the mail settings for other third party programs.

1. Open Windows Live Mail and click “Add e-mail account.” On the next screen, type in your Windstream email address as “” and then type in your password for the account. You can then type in a display name for your email address like “John S. Smith.” Place a check in “Manually configure server settings for e-mail account.” Click “Next.”

2. Enter in the settings provided by Windstream under “Incoming Server Information.” These are as follows:

  • “My incoming mail server is a POP3 server.”
  • “Incoming server: Port: 110″
  • No check mark in “This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  • “Log on using: Clear text authentication
  • “Login ID (if different from e-mail address):

3. Enter in the settings under “Outgoing Server Information” as follows:

  • “Outgoing server: Port: 25″
  • No check mark in “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)
  • Do place a check in My outgoing server requires authentication

Click “Next” to continue. You’ll see a message window next with the text “You have successfully entered the information required to set up your account.”

4. Click “Finish” and your Windows Live Mail is ready for use.

If you have problems in the future with your email account or errors, you should first check that all of this information is exactly correct in your Windows Live Mail settings. To do this, follow these steps.

1. Click on “Menu” in Windows Live Mail then scroll down to “Options” and select “Email Accounts.”

2. Select your Windstream account from the list on the lift and then click on “Properties” on the right.

3. Click on “Servers” and check that all of your information matches the above for incoming mail, outgoing mail, email username and password. “Log on using clear text authentication” and “My server requires authentication” should also be selected.

4. Click on “Settings” next to “My server requires authentication to check that this information is correct. You should make sure that “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” is selected and click “OK.”